Choosing the paw-fect companion for you

If you occasionally find yourself thinking that you have the space in your home and your heart for a furry friend, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right companion to suit your lifestyle.

We know that introducing a pet into the home can bring a lot of joy and comfort to your life but if unprepared, there can be a few unwelcome surprises (sometimes found on the bottom of your shoe). 
This guide to choosing the perfect companion for your home will make sure you’ve ticked the boxes before picking up your new pet. 

1. Do your research

In order to find your paw-fect companion, do a quick Google search and be sure to be specific in your pursuit. You could search “Dog breeds that require little walking”, or “The cuddliest cat breeds”. The last thing you want is to introduce a furry friend who is a little more than you can handle. You could also ask friends for their suggestions to help you select your newest family member. 

2. Keep your neighbours in mind

During your research it would also give you peace of mind (and preserve your neighbour’s peace) to choose a quiet companion. There is nothing worse than an unpleasant letterbox note from a neighbour with a noise complaint. And don’t be fooled into thinking that felines aren’t vocal, the Oriental breeds enjoy a good sing-along. 

3. Get moving

It’s important to consider the policies of the village you have your heart set on, before you set your heart on a pet. Our little friends are welcome to live at the majority of villages across Australia but it’s always best to confirm that your companions are free to join the neighbourhood, before making the commitment. 
A great way to get you and your pets out of the house and get your steps up each day, would be to start or join a walking group. Remind your neighbours that March is Neighbour Month and encourage them to make a time to meet up and head out for a stroll. 

4. Don’t shop, adopt

Often some of the most rewarding and thankful pets are those who’ve been saved. There are some beautiful animals of all ages at your local shelter waiting to join a family, and the gratitude you’ll receive from them every day is reward enough. Aside from this, shelter pets are often less expensive and come micro chipped, vaccinated and de-sexed and while a puppy or kitten is very cute, there are many senior animals looking for a family too. Majority of the time they are also toilet trained by that stage and that is argument enough!
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