Choose Your Way To Retire

There’s excitement in the air at Lendlease villages across Australia with brand new contract options focused on giving retirees more choice and freedom.


July brings with it exciting news of the introduction of three new ways for retirees to pay for their retirement. Offered at many Lendlease villages, these options will enhance choice and flexibility for retirees allowing them to decide what is most suitable to their circumstances.

The new options comprise a Prepaid Plan, a Refundable Contribution and, for villages with Serviced Apartments, Pay As You Go.

These new contract options complement the traditional model, known as a Deferred Management Fee – also known as an exit fee – which remains the most common contract choice in the industry.

Lendlease’s new retirement living contracts are designed to provide customers with a variety of choice previously unavailable across most of the industry.

Existing and potential residents at various villages across Australia have helped design the contracts to enhance choice and flexibility. In addition, the new deals can be applied to both existing and new retirement village developments and will be on offer at a majority of Lendlease villages by July.

The new contracts are also designed to broaden the appeal of living in a retirement village to more people.

Lendlease Retirement Living Managing Director, Tony Randello is committed to providing people with more choice when making this major lifestyle decision.

“Our new contracts are part of Lendlease’s commitment towards improving our residents’ experience and to assist those contemplating a move into retirement living, whether for themselves or for a loved one.” Mr Randello said. 

People can choose certainty with the refundable contribution, capital growth with the prepaid plan, flexibility with the Pay As You Go model for serviced apartments or simply retain more capital upfront by choosing the traditional exit fee model.

The lowdown


Traditional: Deferred Fee Model

Hold onto your cash now by deferring payment until you leave the village

Prepaid Plan

Enjoy the certainty of paying the management fee upfront when you enter the village. Retain capital gain.

Refundable Contribution

Feel secure knowing your money is guaranteed and don’t pay a management fee – instead pay a higher contribution on entry that is refunded when you leave.

Pay As You Go*

Pay a monthly contribution rather than a lump sum management fee. *Available for Serviced Apartments only


Whether it’s more certainty you’re after, capital growth or flexibility, the new options will be available across the majority of Lendlease villages by the end of July. 

To find out more about these contracts and a Lendlease retirement village in your area, visit