Choose The Right Contract For You With More Ways To Pay

At Lendlease Retirement Living, we believe in the importance of choice, which is why we offer a variety of contracts and purchase options.


These are available at our leasehold villages and some of our strata villages. Our villages are safe and secure, socially engaging, environmentally-conscious and above all, resident-focused.

We employ people whose passion for the industry is evident in the care, dedication and service they provide. We’re more than words, we’re meaningful actions. That’s why our contracts are ahead of the curve and unwaveringly customer-friendly.

The Deferred Management Fee (DMF)

The DMF is the traditional contract model for buying into a Retirement Village. A DMF contract is a great choice for those looking to make the most out of their retirement now. By deferring part of the cost until after you re-sell, you can buy in at a more affordable price and keep some cash in the bank to continue enjoying the things you love.

If you’d rather not pay with a DMF, the power is in your hands to choose these other options:

Prepaid Plan

If you’re the sort of person who likes to get everything settled in advance, the Prepaid Plan is for you. With this option, you pay the purchase price for your home in a leasehold village, along with an upfront management fee. Once you move into the village, you’ll only have to pay the ongoing service fee. If you decide to leave the village, Lendlease can help you sell your home at the market rate, and you will benefit from any capital gains.

Refundable Contribution

Want the security of knowing your money will come back to you once you move out? Choosing to pay for your home in a leasehold village via a Refundable Contribution contract means you pay more upfront for your home when you move in. For the duration of your stay, you’ll pay the standard ongoing fees which cover day-to-day costs such as utility bills and maintenance. If you decide to leave the village, your purchase price plus upfront contribution is refunded within 60 days of exit with no Deferred Management Fees. You do not share in any capital gain on the sale of your home.

Pay As You Go

Simple and secure, this contract gives you the option to keep your family home. Applicable for Lendlease-owned serviced apartments, Pay as You Go involves paying a security deposit, a non-refundable establishment fee and monthly instalments. If you decide to leave the village, your security deposit will be returned with no extra fees or costs. You won’t need to worry about capital gains, loss of your property, or have any of the pressures that go with selling on your apartment. It’s a contract that ensures long-term lifestyle security, and maintenance of your personal assets. You also have the option to transfer to any of the other contract models should your circumstances change.

Whether it’s navigating a contract or planning your financial future, it all begins with a few small steps to enable you to have more choices tomorrow.