Buy a home, gain a lifestyle

At Lendlease Retirement Living, our residents are our greatest advocates

Living in a retirement village means being part of a community of like-minded people. At Lendlease, we regularly touch base with our residents and listen to what they say about their lives and our services. In fact,four out of five residents report that they are very satisfied living in their village.

We’re proud to have above industry standard advocacy rates and very high satisfaction levels. These results show the positive living experiences our residents have.

We know through research that being social and connected is good for your health and makes you happier.

Research shows that people with more social relationships not only live longer, but have greater resistance to infectious disease and have a better chance of fighting illness.

It’s also been proven that people with high levels of community participation and high socioeconomic status also record the highest life satisfaction scores.

Of course, staying in good health is not as simple as keeping an active social life. Which is why at Lendlease, we like to see our residents remain active and healthy. Together with our care and community partners, villages offer lifestyle and wellness initiatives tailored to suit the needs of the community. This helps residents to stay healthy and mix with others in the village at the same time.

In each village, there’s a unique schedule of activities on offer for residents to get involved in, which might include yoga, Tai Chi, gentle movement, circuit, walking groups, cycling groups, social groups, sports and excursions.

Most of our villages are located in the heart of thriving local communities within close proximity to transport and medical services. We all want to know we can get to a doctor just when we need to!

Whether you prefer to venture out and do your own thing, or get involved with village life and take up a new hobby, rest assured your social life will never be dull in retirement.