Budget styling tips that will sell your home FAST!

Jonathan Lee from Mortgage Choice shares his top tips to sprucing up your home for a quick sale.

Our homes really are our sanctuary. And we often spend years making memories in them. That’s part of their magic - the memories. But if you’re feeling like it could be time to make some fresh memories in a home surrounded by a vibrant community, or even for a downsize, you’ll want to make sure you get the best value for your home as possible when it comes time to sell. 
That’s where Jonathan Lee from Mortgage Choice can help. The best part? You don’t need a large-scale renovation to ensure the best possible price! Just a few insider tips and tricks to spruce up your home for a quick sale.  
Adding value is subjective, but there are a few simple rules you can follow: 

The number one high value add to your home is to create a beautiful kitchen. One that the buyer can picture themselves preparing a meal for their loved ones in. It's the heart of the home, so be sure to add some warming touches like a beautiful vase of seasonal blooms, use accents of colour – pewter green and duck egg blue are oh-so on-trend right now. What about something like quick and easy to go over old, chipped floor tiles with 2mm thin wood effect laminate to give the place a fresh, trendy new look.

For this one, we’re going back to basics. It may seem self-explanatory but scrubbing the grout and de-cluttering are essential. Small touches like a wooden bath caddy, bath salts, and plush towels also shouldn’t be overlooked. A bathroom should be reminiscent of an oasis and a diffuser is a beautiful way to create calm cues through fragrance.  
Curb appeal 

They say that first impressions last, so have a look at the front of your house. Investing in curb appeal is always a winner. Painting the fence, trimming hedges, making your lawn beautiful, adding fresh mulch to your garden, planting some flowers – they all make a huge difference to the first impact that your home will have on visitors or potential buyers.  
Outdoor living 

Aussies love outdoor space – whether it’s for playing, entertaining or relaxing – it’s all a great investment. Fire pits and lounging areas are high on the value-adding list and a beautifully styled outdoor tablescape will entice prospective owners, particularly those who enjoyed entertaining al fresco.  
Soft furnishings  

One of the easily value-adding tips I can impart is to pick up some tonal cushions, throws and natural baskets. These little additions, particularly to a living room, will have the buyer picturing themselves relaxing onto the sofa after a long day (probably battling the Christmas crowds too). Everyone wants somewhere to relax together, put their feet up and take a breather with the family. Can we add something like ‘losing the frilly pelmets on window covering. 
Tech stuff 

Who doesn’t love clever techy stuff that’s already set up and fully functioning? Whether it’s as simple as an electronic keypad on the front door or wired sound throughout the house or the full smart lighting and locking system, functioning technology is impressive. The key here is to keep it simple and focus on the fact that it’s functioning. 
Not so value-adding...

Some home improvements may make your life easier and your home more comfortable, but don’t necessarily add value for the potential buyer. These things include: 

  • Hidden things like double glazing, underfloor heating and insulation (unless you live somewhere that snows or almost snows)
  • High maintenance gardens
  • Over styled rooms with an over-the-top distinctive/unique style
  • Swimming pools
  • Alarms

Making a house a home is important to many Australians, it’s where memories are made, special moments are shared, and many cups of tea are sipped. So, painting a picture of what it would feel like to live there is always important, particularly when aiming for a quick sale.