Barbers with a mission - cutting the men’s mental health stigma

A barbershop for a gentleman is like a day spa for women. A space to relax, where conversations flow freely and of course, a few handy grooming tips.

The crew at Stigma Cutz in Brisbane have heard some interesting tales during their time in the barbershop and they love a friendly chat, but more importantly they are a non-for-profit Charity Barber with a focus on positive mental health for men.


Priding themselves on NO stigma and NO judgement, just a fresh cut, shave and a good chat – the crew have created a place for blokes to feel more comfortable to speak up; whether that be to a Mental Health First Aid Certified Barber or any friendly face in the shop for that matter. With 100% of the profits going back to A Chance For Change, looking a million bucks has never felt so good!


Sharing the driving factor behind their incredible initiative along with some top male-grooming tips and the mistakes they wish you’d avoid, Stigma Cutz are passionate about conversation (and it shows!).


Why do you think the barbershop is the perfect place for gentlemen to sit back, relax and have a chat?


Sometimes sitting and relaxing for half an hour where nothing is required of you but your presence, can be soothing but it’s also a place where you can get things off your chest. Starting a conversation could be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and many don’t realise it until they do.


In your opinion, do you think men are more inclined to open up to their barber? If so, why?


Absolutely! Barbershops are like an unofficial ‘men’s shed’ in our opinion. They’re a safe-zone with a non-judgemental atmosphere. Even if you don’t want to chat, I’m sure your barber has a few tales to tell. At Stigma Cutz we also have a pool table, a dart board and a flat screen TV for the pure reason of giving men a place to unwind, even if they don’t want to chat.


What is it about being a barber that you enjoy the most?


By default, you have to be a people person if you want to become a barber. It’s synonymous with the role and it’s truly our favourite part of the job. Every day we meet different people, hear their life experiences and there is nothing more rewarding than when a gentleman leaves the shop with a smile on his face.


What are your top 4 grooming tips for gentlemen 50+?


  1. Pluck those cheeky long ear, nose and eyebrow hairs. Don’t shave them!

  2. Moisturise – everywhere. Active ingredients like Shea butter and hyaluronic acid are great for hydrating your skin and you’ll probably find products with these in them, in your wife’s bathroom cabinet.

  3. Condition your hair gentleman! Don’t just shampoo.

  4. Have a hot shower or use a hot towel before you shave.


What are some of the biggest grooming mistakes that gentlemen make?


  1. Trimming your side burns, don’t do it.

  2. Trying to shave your neck hair. Best leave that job to us, we have a way better view than you do.

  3. Shaping your facial hair, it never looks as good as you think.


Can you share an interesting moment that only a barber would experience?


A client decided to duck in for a quick cut (as they do) and asked us to give him a style cut like Ellen Degeneres. We hesitantly agreed after our suggestions were pushed back multiple times. Needless to say, after he left, he soon returned with his tail between his legs saying, “Can you please fix it?!” The moral of this story? Trust in your barber.


Stigma Cutz is a traditional, old-school non-for-profit Charity Barber and one of Australia's fastest growing Men's Mental Health and Suicide Prevention charities, with 100% of the money going back into the A Chance For Change (ACFC) Initiative! Visit www.stigmacutz.org.au for more information.