A helping hand when you need it

Lendlease Retirement Villages are focused on connecting you with the care you need, allowing you to live the life you deserve.

At Lendlease Retirement Living, we help connect you with the best health and wellness initiatives, which means you can access life-enhancing programs that help you live your best life. Access to reliable health and wellness services is essential in any stage of life. In a Lendlease village, the focus is on helping you to find the support you need to live the life you deserve.

Most Villages keep a list of care providers available in the area to help residents to access health and wellness services if they want them.

Outside of the village environment, valuable time can be spent researching these types of services. Having the research done for you can help with peace of mind.

Year-round services we can connect you with might include domestic assistance, respite care, help with shopping, social support, meal preparation, nursing, allied health services, aids and equipment.

In many villages, residents can access the services of visiting practitioners like physiotherapists or podiatrists. This enables residents to avoid travel and remain in the village if required. It also allows them the convenience of being able to keep appointments when they may have a busy social calendar.

In addition to medical services and domestic assistance providers, many Lendlease villages have partnered up with a world-class emergency call system provider to establish new in-home emergency call systems.Not only for emergencies, this system provides residents with immediate connectivity to skilled operators, who can talk through a problem or take action to send assistance.

There may be a cost associated with establishing and running this system. In many cases, it is included in the monthly service fee.

Costs aside, there is great comfort in knowing that you always have someone to call if you need help or if are faced with an emergency. Emergency call systems also give the families of residents’ great peace of mind.

With most of Lendlease’s villages ideally positioned within thriving local communities, the benefit of a helping hand when you need it is coupled with the convenience of transport and shops close by. Venture out, do your own thing, see your own preferred care provider or stay in and go with the village’s suggestions. The choice is entirely yours... And having choices is what it’s all about.