A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood movie review

A feel-good autumn flick to enjoy at home with popcorn in-hand.

Written by John Cooper

As the autumn breezes roll in and if you’re in need of a feel-good flick, there’s no better time to get the comfy blankets out of the top cupboard and settle in for a movie night. Just be sure to melt some dark chocolate to drizzle over your butter popcorn. Believe us, you’ll never eat popcorn the same way again.
And it’s not just the good popcorn advice we’re serving up, one feel-good film that needs to be on your must-watch list is Oscar Award-nominated flick, A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood. Featuring Matthew Rhys as cynical investigative journalist Lloyd Vogel, the 90-minute film takes the hand of the viewer introducing them to themes of kindness and the bonds of a neighbourhood. And ends by capturing the heart of the viewer – or at least Mr Rogers does.
If you don't know who Mr Rogers is, he's a famous children's entertainer in America who puts on a show that discusses diverse topics in an attempt to make the world a better place. Just as children across America were encapsulated by Mr Rogers, portrayed Tom Hanks, viewers will be encapsulated by Hanks’ performance. And the Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (amongst others), is proof of that.
Vogel, who receives an assignment to profile Fred Rogers aka Mr Rogers, approaches the task with heavy skepticism, as he finds it hard to believe that anyone can treat everyone in such a pure good-natured manner. But, as the film progresses, Mr Rogers’ empathy, kindness, decency and outlook on life forces Vogel to reconcile with his past and make amends with his father.
It’s a powerful and poignant tribute to the man that embodies kindess and intelligently showcases Mr Rogers’ relentless positive outlook on life. Can we have a Mr Rogers in our lives, please?
A fantastic Oscar-nominated performance by Hanks, it’s an all-round feel-good film. I highly recommend for your next movie night. 5/5!