10 minute mobility tips - get moving during Mobility Month

Get Moving During Mobility Month

1. Air punching: 15 punches each side with 30 seconds rest between. Continue for 10 minutes.

2. Chair yoga: Youtube some 10-minute yoga movements to do from the comfort of your armchair.

3. Stroll: A brisk walk made better when turned into a daily social engagement.

4. Water workout: Jump into a swimming pool (if you have one) and do a few quick resistance exercises like flutter kicks and calf raises. [SOURCED FROM: www.upliftingmobility.com]

5. Squats: The king of all exercises that works your full body. If you can’t get low, try a sit-stand squat with a chair.

6. Resistance bands: These are fantastic for low-impact exercises you can do from home.

Top tip: If you have knee concerns, concentrate on moving your upper-body and vice versa!