Massive fig tree location a thriving new home!



We are fortunate at Bernborough Ascot to be surrounded by such a stunning natural landscape, thatincludes three mature fig trees located alongside the Doomben racetrack. 


As part of the Bernborough Ascot masterplan, two of these fig trees have remained in their original homes and become part of the beautiful new entrance to Fig Tree House, the first building at Bernborough Ascot. However, as part of our green philosophy to preserve the natural environment, one fig tree was relocated to its new forever home just a short distance away.


After 15 weeks of preparatory works carried out by expert the team at The Tree Doctor, the 140-tonne Ficus benjamina, known by its common name of weeping fig or weeping banyan, was relocated and is now healthier than ever! 


Advanced methods were used to carry out the relocation with the actual move taking place carefully and slowly over a two-week period. Close to two years on from the relocation, the tree is nearing the end of its maintenance phase, during which the team has been continually monitoring leaf size, foliage colour, canopy density and shoot extension to ensure it is healthy and strong. 


We’re excited to see our stunning fig tree is now thriving in its new location. Our residents are looking forward to enjoying the beauty of this monumental tree for many years to come with the weeping fig currently estimated at 70-80 years old and expected to live up to 200 years! A time-lapse video of the relocation can be viewed on the Lendlease YouTube channel.


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