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From music and food production to entertainment, the site of Ardency Kennedy Place has a vibrant history. The original 1908 building was first home to the Wertheim Piano factory. In its day, Wertheim was the piano of choice for a myriad of famous performers, not least Australian operatic soprano Dame Nellie Melba.

The onset of the Great Depression in 1929 saw a decline in piano sales and despite manufacturing around 18,000 pianos in its time, by 1935 the factory had no choice but to close. It was sold on to canned-food giant Heinz, who remained there into the 1950s. But with the advent of television, another shift was about to occur. In 1956, the factory was taken over by Channel 9 Studios where some of the country’s most iconic shows – including The Don Lane Show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire were filmed.

Ardency Kennedy Place is named after famous Australian entertainer, Graham Kennedy, the former ‘King of Australian Television’, who is still celebrated for his wit, comedy, cheeky irreverence and sometimes risqué performance that pushed the boundaries of entertainment.

Today, the heritage-listed building retains many of its original features; not least its vibrant spirit, which still remains today.

Ardency Kennedy Place is an elegant yet contemporary residence, which reflects the heritage of the site, and designed to stand the test of time and style.

*images courtesy of Richmond and Burnley Historical Society.


Learn about the rich and colourful history

Listen to a podcast from a recent history tour with the Richmond and Burnley Historical Society to learn about the fascinating history of the heritage site.

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