In a rapidly changing world facing significant global-scale challenges such as rapid urbanisation, climate change, resource constraints and an aging population, we need to take a restorative approach where we give back more than we take out.

For Lendlease, sustainability is about meeting people’s needs for the future.

Our vision of creating the best places is underpinned by a long and proud history of an approach where environmental and social outcomes are given equal priority to economic. It allows us to create places where people want to be, places that contribute to communities, are productive and ultimately, valued by all involved.

What Sustainability Means for Residents

A sustainable home can reduce bills, our impact on the environment, and create places where people prosper. Our homes are designed to adapt to your changing needs. Every aspect of every home, from orientation, windows, insulation, materials, paint, finishes and appliances has been assessed to give you a home you not only love, but will save you money as well.

Sustainability at Lendlease is a collaborative effort between staff, residents, lendlease and the community to help create the best places. Our ‘Sustainable Us’ book is proof of this. The book is a collection of stories and ideas from residents and villages that illustrate of our sustainable ethos.

In the spirit of sustainability we’ll be adding to the book over time, so as more ideas and initiatives roll-in, the collection will evolve and grow. You can submit yours at

You can find the ‘Sustainable Us’ book at each village or you can download the ebook here.

An Australian First

Our Isabella Gardens community in the ACT is the first retirement village in Australia to achieve the Gold Livable Housing Design Quality Mark. It’s a seal of approval for innovative and flexible building features such as wide doorways, spacious living spaces, and easy to reach and use light switches, power points and tapware.

For residents of Isabella Gardens, it means living in homes that are comfortable, affordable and adaptable for their future lifestyle.

Our 12 Aspirations for Sustainability

To deliver value and prosperity in the places we create requires focus on what matters along our entire value chain, to our stakeholders and Lendlease. We have created a Sustainability Framework, with 12 elements, to describe where Lend Lease will focus its efforts. The framework has long-term aspirations, with specific near-term goals for three elements – energy, water, and waste – where we want to lead performance.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Innovation  
  • Responsible Investment
  • Training, Skills & Employment
  • Materials & Supply Chain
  • Community Development
  • Resilience & Adaptation
  • Diversity
  • Nature

Lendlease was the first in Australia to incorporate the principles of livable housing into all of our retirement living home designs.

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