Accreditation and Expertise

One of the reasons our residents tend to be so happy living in our villages is that we respect their rights as individuals and as part of the community. A key part of this is ensuring residents have a say in how their village is run and that any concerns can be addressed fairly and promptly.

This is why we believe it's vital that all our villages are accredited and are run in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act in each respective State. 

In earning accreditation, villages have to demonstrate that residents are actively represented in village affairs, they are kept informed about village operations (including finances), their dignity, privacy and confidentiality is respected, and they are informed of the availability, range and cost of services offered.

In addition, the village needs to encourage residents to access a range of activities and become involved in the wider community, treat residents equitably and with respect, and ensure a dispute resolution mechanism is in place.

Accreditation encourages us to regularly evaluate our performance and strive for continuous improvement, ultimately contributing much more to your happiness and security.

If you'd like to know more about accreditation, please visit the Lifemark website.

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